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Welcome to the Lima City Schools Community Partners in Education Web site. Previously we have maintained a one-on-one relationship with various business and community organizations through our Adopt-A-School program and the focus has been with human resource involvement at a specific school. We are pleased to offer this new Web site to expand our exposure to more possibilities for both the schools and the community.

As a business or organization you may visit this site and see the current needs of the individual schools, plus submit proposals for schools. You can do this from your work place or home.

Each school may share their short and long-term needs with the community via this Web site and businesses and organizations will be able to meet one or all needs of a project. If a business is unable to meet all needs of a school's project, other businesses may be able to help, making the project possible.

Funds for this program are generated through a grant from Safe Drug Free Schools.
The goals of the Community Partners in Education program are:

 To provide for school-business/ community partnerships which will bring into the District’s classrooms activities and messages that are designed to increase an awareness about the potential hazards of drug use and abuse.
 To develop school-business/community partnerships which will provide appropriate role models and accompanying tutorial, mentoring and activities to improve the self-concepts of the District’s students
 To establish school-business / community partnerships that will educate the District’s students in career awareness and needs in the world of work through speakers and career oriented activities.
 To create a dynamic TEAM relationship between Education and Community for the development of a better quality education and a powerful future workforce in Lima Ohio.

Together Everyone Achieves More

For further information please contact the Partners in Education office at 419-996-3774
or e-mail at

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