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Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame Inductee

Excerpt from Hall of Fame Induction ProgramGrover W. William Hall, Jr.

Lima Senior High School Class of 1962

Grover Hall left Lima Senior and his hometown to carve out a career in the aerospace industry. He is the Vice President of Technical Operations at Lockheed Martin Astronautics, a company which has in excess of 9500 employees, including 4000 engineers. Mr. Hall directs all of the engineering activities for astronautics and chairs the Executive Council of Lockheed Martin Corporation’s Engineering Process Improvement Initiative which establishes standards and best practices for the 50,000 engineers within the corporation.

Grover began by acquiring a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati. In 1979, he attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a Sloan Fellow, obtaining his M.S. A long-time employee of Lockheed Martin, Mr. Hall has held positions such as Vice President of Production Operations; Vice President of Ground Systems, Vice President of Operations, Defense, Space and Communication and Vice President of NASA Systems.

To give some idea of the scope of his present responsibilities, it helps to know that the Aeronautics Company builds launch vehicle systems, including the Titan, Atlas, Athena, and Multi-Service Launch System platforms. They also construct spacecraft for orbital and planetary exploration missions and space programs in addition to developing the Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle (in cooperation with the U.S. Air Force).

In 1998, in recognition of his many personal and professional contributions to the University of Colorado—Denver, his industry and the community, Grover Hall received the annual Alumni Appreciation Award from the University of Colorado where he is a member of the Board of Advisors for the College of Business.

He has received Public Service Awards for his contribution to NASA missions like Viking, Voyager and Magellan and many community awards for his leadership in United Way and Jaycees. He is currently active in a number of professional and community organizations including American Institute of Aeronautics Astronautics, American Management Association, Security Affairs Support Association and serves on the Board of Directors for the National Security Industrial Association and the Software Productivity Consortium.

Grover resides in Englewood, Colorado and has one married daughter, Tonya.