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Links to the forms you need to enroll your child or children in the Lima City Schools are on this page. There is also a link about student clothing, our Campus Wear program.

  • Student/Kindergarten Registration Form - Complete this form for each child.

  • Emergency Medical Form - Complete this form for each child.

  • Open Enrollment Form - Use this form if you live in another Ohio school district and want to enroll your child(ren) in the Lima City Schools.

  • Foster Home and Guardianship Form - Complete this form if your student is a foster child or under your guardianship.

    If you have questions about any of the forms, please contact the Pupil Services office at 419-996-3423.

  • Please clink the links below to view or print the forms:

  • Student/Kindergarten Registration Form
    Emergency Medical Authorization Form
    Open Enrollment Form
    Foster Home and Guardianship Form
    Campus Wear Link

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    Student Handbook
    Campus Wear
    Delays and Closings
    Gifted Education
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    Arts and Magnets
    Food Service
    Human Resources
    Public Relations
    Pupil Services
    School Improvement
    Special Education
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    District Information
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    School Finder
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    Video Library
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