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Alternative Pathway for Eligibility for a Diploma
The graduating class of 2007 is the first class who must score at proficient or above on the Ohio Graduation Tests (OGT) as a graduation requirement. Under Ohio Revised Code (ORC) ยง3313.615, students can graduate by passing four of the five OGT if they meet all of the criteria.

Click the Alternative Pathway Diploma link under Resources on the right of this page to explore this option. It will take you to the Ohio Department of Education Web site and a list of files to view. The School Counselor's Worksheet is a helpful checklist to review.

Accessing INFOhio
INFOhio is a collection of excellent educational resources provided by the state. It is available to all of Ohio's K-12 students and teachers at school and from home.

To access INFOhio from home, you will need the Username and Password. If you need the Username and Password, please contact your school library or the library/technology department at the Educational Center.

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