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Welding and Metal Fabrication gives students the opportunity to learn fundamentals of various welding processes. Students learn in a hands-on setting in Lima Senior's extensive welding lab. 


Students become eligible to take a test to become ASW certified in certain welding areas. Students are eligible to receive college credit for various sections at the end of the two-year program.


Students develop skills in welding and cutting, GMAW, Plasma, GTAW, aluminum MIG, reading and drawing blueprints, operations of press brake, metal shear and metal roller, SMAW, diesel drive, Spot and Oxy-fuel brazing.


Students graduating from this program go on to become boiler makers, fabricators, iron workers, pipefitters, welding inspectors and welders.


Students can become a member of Skills USA and American Welding Society, two high school and post-secondary organizations to help further their advancement.

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