COVID-19 Information

LAST UPDATED 5/12/2021


Total Current Positive Cases in the Lima City Schools: 7



Current Positive/Isolation Cases: 7

West Middle School: 2

Freedom Elementary School: 1

Heritage Elementary School: 4


Current Close Contact/Quarantine: 3

Heritage Elementary School: 3

**Students/staff quarantined due to an issue not affiliated with the school district are not included here.


What happens when there is a positive case?

*Allen County Health Department is contacted

*Health Department works with district on contact tracing if needed. Per the Governor's recent order, as long as we are wearing masks and practicing social distancing, schools are no longer required to contact trace and quarantine students and staff in close contact with someone who has tested positive. The Governor’s decision came after feedback and data from health departments and school districts around the state that showed little to no spread of COVID 19 occurring in schools.We will continue to contact trace in situations where students are not masked, such as while eating lunch and participating in some extracurricular activities.

*Parents notified in writing of any cases in their building

*Deep cleaning of spaces


Symptoms to look for

*Fever or chills

*Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing


*Muscle or body aches


*Loss of taste or smell

*Sore throat

*Congestion or runny nose

*Nausea or vomiting


**Please do not send your child to school if he or she is exhibiting any of these symptoms

***Contact your medical provider or Spartan Health Center at 419-996-3436


How we are keeping students/staff safe

*Temperature checks at the door

*Masks for all students (k-12) and staff

*Masks at all athletic events

*Buildings cleaned throughout day; teachers cleaning surfaces before new students enter, playground equipment cleaned after each use

*Social distancing in classrooms, hallways, buses, etc.

*Limiting visitors at buildings

*Added water-filling stations

*Seating charts to easily contact trace

*Promoting proper handwashing



Allen County Health Department: 419-228-4457.

Ohio Department of Health:

 Learning Recovery/Extended Learning