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Exterior of Lima Senior Alternative School

École alternative

L'école alternative de Lima Senior est située dans la South Science and Technology Magnet School, 755 St. John's Ave.

School Highlights

The program offers the same coursework/curriculum as on the main Lima Senior campus but in a smaller setting.

The school is a positive alternative for a student who doesn’t thrive well or wants to be in a traditional school with larger class sizes.

The school allows for more individualized one-on-one attention from teachers and other staff. The school is perfect for a student who wants to be successful, but needs that smaller environment and extra push.

Alternative School students can still participate in athletics, other after-school activities, and Career Tech programs at Lima Senior High School. They also graduate with their Lima Senior class.

Darnell Collins, directeur

Principal Darnell Collins

Les étudiants n'ont pas besoin de fréquenter d'abord le campus principal de Lima Senior pour s'inscrire à l'école alternative. Les étudiants doivent s'inscrire via Lima Senior.

Darnell Collins est directeur de l'école.

Pour plus d’informations sur l’école alternative, veuillez appeler le 419-996-3777.

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