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Personnel certifiéAvantages

Dear Potential Staff Member:

If you join our teaching staff of the Lima City Schools, you will be entitled not only to pay according to a negotiated salary schedule but to a variety of benefits as well.  Among these benefits are:

  1. Accumulation of sick leave, at the rate of 1.25 days per month, for 15 days per year, with a total accumulation of your number of days contracted plus 60 days.

  2. A severance leave pay plan based on above sick leave, which will allow you upon retirement, to receive such pay at the rate of ¼ of the first 180 days. Retirement is based on the negotiated agreement in effect at the time or your retirement.  Currently eligibility is determined through STRS retirement guidelines.

  3. Three personal leave days each year.  Reimbursement at the LEA negotiated rate for any unused days.  You can roll over 2 personal leave days from one year to the next.

  4. Health coverage for each full-time teacher, either single, or family, available to all employees at a cost to the employee. Prescription drug coverage is available at a cost to the employee. Effective date for new employees is the first day of employment.

  5. A group dental insurance program is available to all employees at a small cost shared with Lima Board of Education, with maximum benefits each calendar year of $2,500.00 for most services and $1,000.00 lifetime limit on orthodontic services.

  6. Group term life insurance for each teacher in the amount of $50,000 with all premiums paid by the Lima Board of Education.

  7. Special liability insurance coverage for teachers including, unintentional bodily injury or property damage, including liability arising from corporal punishment, false arrest, libel, slander, deprivation of rights, etc.  Limits of coverage are $1,000,000 for each claim and $3,000,000 in the aggregate, with actual coverage subject to policy terms and provisions.

  8. The opportunity to affiliate with a professional education association of the Lima City Schools through the Lima Education Association.

  9. Beneficial policies for salary improvement and maternity & child care purposes; plus provisions to receive extra pay for a variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular duties as arranged through the building Principal.  These include adult evening school, athletics, dramatics, music, publications, etc.

  10. The opportunity to work with one of the finest – if not the very finest – educational families in all of Ohio!



Heather Sharp, Treasurer

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