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The Audio Engineering and Technology Program is one of our newest programs at Lima Senior. Students in this program have a unique opportunity to utilize standard classroom resources as well as a dedicated music lab and state of the art recording studio. 

Students will be active in DECA, which is a vital part of the business side of music. Students learn skills in vocational understanding, social intelligence, leadership development and civic consciousness. Students attend conferences and competitions on the club, district, state and international level. Lima Senior consistently has students qualify for the international competition, including having several top 10 finishes and one first-place winner.   Exclusively to this program, seniors will have the opportunity to earn their Pro Tools User Certification.

This course provides students the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the music industry, producing audio/video content, and can also prepare students for a college ready route with a focus on music, video, and technology.

First-year Students are able to talk to professionals who have been in the field from just a couple of years to a couple of decades. Students evolve their knowledge on audio programs which can soon earn them a certification seal for their resumes.  Students have opportunities to help the other schools in the Lima City School District with filming of programs/concerts as well as the commercials. We will also spend time learning audio equipment maintenance skills to prepare students for any job opportunity in the field.

At the end of their first year, Audio Engineering and Technology students will be prepared and skilled in:

  • A Digital Audio Workstation

  • MIDI Keyboard Controllers

  • MIDI Pad Controllers

  • Nearfield Stereo Monitors

  • Closed Back Stereo Headphones

  • An array of Industry Standard Microphones

  • Audio Interfaces

  • Podcasting Equipment

  • 32 Channel Sound Mixers

  • Cord Wrapping

  • HD Video Cameras

  • Tricaster Live Streaming

  • Live Production Techniques

Second-year students take their experiences from the first year and have the opportunity to dive deeper into more specific areas of interest. Students continue to learn audio and video equipment but focus on areas that they are looking to pursue after high school. Second-year students will help plan and manage audio/video projects across the school district.  

Students in Audio Engineering and Technology will have the exclusive opportunity to study and work towards earning their Pro Tools User Certification. New forms of audio and video equipment and technology relevant in the field across the Greater Lima Region will be explored over this two-year course. Graduating seniors will have the opportunity to start a self-owned business or pursue secondary education.

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