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Teacher reading to preschool students


The Lima City Schools' Preschool Program serves students who are eligible for special education services as preschoolers with disabilities, as well as typically developing 3, 4 and 5-year-old children.


Students are enrolled August through May. There are currently preschool classrooms at Unity, Heritage, Independence and Freedom elementary schools.

Each of our four buildings house an all-day program that serves 3-5 year olds who will transition to kindergarten the following school year. Freedom and Heritage also houses a minimum of one half-day program, both morning and afternoon sessions.

Students attend Monday through Friday, with times varying depending on the classroom and building.

All classrooms are staffed by licensed teachers and paraprofessionals. 

The program works to provide a safe environment for each child to develop and learn. We believe that all areas of development (cognitive, language, social emotional, physical, and adaptive), will be enhanced through a variety of planned, research-based, learning activities and instructional strategies. Our program is an active partnership between the school, the student, the home and the community.

For more information, call or email Angela Miller at 419-996-3427 or

Enrollment packets are available at Unity, Heritage, Independence and Freedom elementary schools, hard copy enrollment forms must be completed.

Preschool Goals

The following long-term goals for early childhood education reflect the view that all areas of development, (cognition, communication, social-emotional, motor and adaptive skills), are integrated into learning.

The educational opportunities and experiences in the early years make a difference in overall development. Curriculum experiences are to be research-based, aligned with the content standards, and rich with differentiated learning.

Problem solving provides opportunities to use language and play to engage children’s intellectual abilities. These experiences will be planned and organized. Instructional strategies will be designed to support, challenge, scaffold and extend children’s abilities and skills.

  • Enhance and facilitate development in all domains: Cognitive, language, social-emotional, physical and adaptive (self-help) skills.

  • Provide educational experiences using intentional teaching strategies through play to facilitate concept development, content knowledge, creativity and problem solving.

  • Provide opportunities through the organization of the classroom for children to build skills and acquire knowledge.

  • Provide guidance through classroom experiences that allow for the development of self-management, conflict resolution and social interaction skills and the ability to make positive choices.

  • Develop ability to see adults as respectful, nurturing, supportive, responsible and helpful resources that promote self-assurance and competence.

  • Provide programs that offer varied opportunities and materials to build an understanding of diversity in culture, family composition, differing abilities, language and gender.

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