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Title I

Title I is a Federal Aid Program through which most Ohio School districts receive funding to provide supplemental instruction for qualifying students. The allocation of funds is based on a legislative formula dependent upon the distribution of low-income children and state per-pupil expenditures. Title I services are provided for all children in our district who qualify as needing assistance in math and reading regardless of their family income status. Selection for the program is based on teacher recommendation, parental input, and performance on standardized tests.

Each Title I teacher in the Lima City Schools district is a licensed teacher, certified for the area in which they are providing instruction. Our teachers participate in professional development throughout the entire year in order to provide the best possible instruction for our learners. Instructors communicate with parents regularly regarding their child’s educational progress.

Lima City Schools look for our parents to be active partners in their child’s education. Parents may reach out to their child’s school to find ways to volunteer and assist in the classroom. Parents are also encouraged to reach out to teachers and communicate regularly with their child’s teacher to discuss the student’s progress. 

Family learning nights are held quarterly in the district to encourage parents to participate in fun educational activities with their children. Our district also employs a Parent Liaison to survey families and look for needs in the community and plan meetings and events.

The Lima City Schools district now has a mobile unit, the Spartan Ride, available to meet families and students in their neighborhoods, at their schools, parks, and other events. This bus is equipped with wifi, kiosks for registration, learning materials and more to assist our students and their families. 

For more information on Title I, visit the US Department of Education’s website. 

Laura Wells, Title I Coordinator/Federal Programs, 419-996-3297.

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