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  • Beth Jokinen

LSH students awarded for academics

During the May 16 Honors Banquet at Lima Senior High School, top academic honors where presented to students at each grade level from each department.

Teachers in each department decide on the award winners. Students did not know they won until the program.

The following were honored. They are listed in order from freshman to seniors.

English: Yarah Al-Hisah, James Brown, Nevaeh Moellering and Maggie Bloomfield

Math: Alyssa Merriman, Maria Ipina, Maya Parker and Kiana Hodges

Social Studies: Collin Schreiber, Abigail Antus, Nicholas Fosnaugh and Jacey Prior

Science: Isaac Grundisch, Anari Watts, Denver Engle and Keegan Halliday

Spanish: Leaven Johnson (Spanish 3) and Matilda Nelson (Spanish 4)

French: Dakota Lewis (French 3) and Alexis Raska (French 4)

Career Tech: Junior Ethan snow and Senior Kenneth Melton

Art: Eliot Spallinger, Nevaeh Fletcher, Hailey Hahn and Shire James

Music: Katherine Harkenrider, Jurisha Houseworth, Noelle Warnement and Emma Leach

In addition, about 225 students were recognized for being on the Honor Roll all school year.

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