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Students performing Wizard of Oz on stage

Pwogram yo

The Lima City Schools offers an extensive art and music program, with opportunities for students at all grade levels. Even our youngest of students have opportunities to get involved, including through the Liberty Touring Company and many other elementary and middle school ensembles.


The district also offers the only full orchestra program for fourth through 12th-graders in Northwest Ohio. Lima Senior High School students have 12 music groups (choirs, bands and orchestras) to choose from.

Students in all grades have art opportunities with student work often displayed in the community and used to spark dialogue on important issues. Artist-in-residence programs are common place in the Lima City Schools.

The district also offers two kindergarten through eighth-grade magnet programs. Liberty houses an arts magnet and South houses a science and technology magnet. Both schools are open to all students and are under the lottery process for entry.

Anyone interested in touring the schools or have questions about the integrated learning style should contract Kristin Lee, director of the magnet programs, at 419-996-3434 or


For more information on these two unique programs, click on the links on the right.

Arts Eman

The kindergarten through eighth-grade arts magnet program focuses on art, dance, drama and music as the center of an integrated curriculum. This means the arts are woven into all subjects, often with an “artist in residence” or exciting themes. Students in all grades experience art, drama, dance and music daily with highly qualified staff.

What kind of student succeeds in the Arts Magnet Program? 

This program can be demanding of students because it is very exciting and full of hands-on learning. The school day moves very rapidly. Qualities of successful Arts Magnet students include:

  • The ability to work independently; to initiate learning

  • The ability to be self-disciplined and motivated

  • Parents who are supportive of this type of education. We encourage parents to be volunteers and be active in our academically successful Arts Magnet.

Once a child has been accepted into the program, he or she does not have to reapply each year.

Syans ak Teknoloji Eman

Pwogram Magnet Syans-Teknoloji nan klas matènèl jiska uityèm ane konsantre sou syans ak teknoloji pou 21yèm syèk la ak pi lwen. Syans ak Teknoloji yo trikote atravè tout matyè yo ak yon varyete estrateji ak tèm nan yon kourikoulòm entegre. Sa vle di ke syans ak teknoloji se konsantre nan tout aprantisaj.

Egzanp pwogram nan kourikoulòm lan gen ladan Robotics, Project Lead the Way ak Jeni/Design. Gen patenarya adisyonèl ak kolèj lokal yo ak ekspè nan kominote a ki patisipe ak elèv yo ak pwofesè yo nan tèm enteresan pandan tout ane a. Elèv nan tout klas yo fè eksperyans yon bon jan kalite edikasyon rapid nan men yon anplwaye trè kalifye.

Ki kalite elèv ki reyisi nan Pwogram Magnet Syans ak Teknoloji? 

Pwogram sa a kapab egzijan paske li trè eksitan, rapid-ritm, ak plen nan aprantisaj pratik. Jounen lekòl la deplase trè rapid. Kalite elèv ki gen siksè nan Syans ak Teknoloji Magnet yo enkli:

  • Kapasite nan travay poukont yo; pou kòmanse aprantisaj

  • Kapasite yo dwe oto-disipline ak motive

  • Paran ki sipòte kalite edikasyon sa a. Nou ankouraje paran yo pou yo volontè ak aktif nan Syans ak Teknoloji Magnet ki gen siksè akademik.

Yon fwa yo aksepte yon timoun nan pwogram nan, li pa oblije re-aplike chak ane.

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