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The Lima City Schools is committed to making sure our students and staff are safe at all times when they are at school. Safety is a top priority and something we continually assess and tweak to improve. 

School Resources Officers, safety and security protocols, and a strong working relationship with the Lima Police Department are a few of the ways the district keeps safety at the forefront.

One of the key ways to keep our students and staff safe is to monitor who comes into our buildings and to limit access into buildings. This is why doors remain locked at all times at our buildings, and visitors can only enter through the main office. 

A doorbell system allows visitors to ring the main office to gain entry. The secretary is able to see who is there and communicate with them. All visitors permitted into the building must sign in and out, and wear a visitor’s badge at all times. Visitors are not permitted to eat lunch with students.

 All staff members also wear badges to be easily identified. Student ID badges are equally important.  

These measures do not mean we don’t want parents in our schools, just that we want to make sure we always know who is there. In addition to avoiding potentially dangerous situations, the protocols are also how we can keep visitors to our buildings safe.

In the case of an emergency at school, the district will use its School Messenger system to alert parents. If you are not currently getting alerts, please make sure your child’s school has your correct contact information. To receive text alerts, test Y or Yes to 67587. 

A School Resource Officer is housed at each of the nine school buildings in the district. The officers are sworn members of the Lima Police Department Auxiliary Unit, but employees of the Lima City Schools.

While officers are here to help protect students and staff, security is only part of the important role they play. Officers spend a great deal of time interacting with students and developing programs to promote positive behavior and decision making. They also work to foster relationships between students and law enforcement.

In 2018, the district announced a new K9 program. There are currently six dogs living and working with district Resource Officers.

The K9s are trained police dogs that are able to sniff out narcotics and gunpowder, but they are not trained in aggression and are largely used as therapy and support dogs for students. It is common to find students reading to the dogs or just stopping by for a quick visit during their school day. 

The School Resource Officers are overseen by Director of Safety and Security Nate Garlock. He can be reached at 419-996-3245 or at

Below are the district’s current officers. Get to know more about each officer and their K9 on their school page.

Lima Senior High School: Scott Jones

North Middle School: Brittany Keith and Marrisa Kennedy

West Middle School: Amanda Leugers

Liberty Arts Magnet: Paula Strickler

South Science and Technology Magnet: Nate Garlock

Freedom Elementary School: Paula Strickler

Heritage Elementary School: Brittany Keith

Independence Elementary School: John Dunham

Unity Elementary School: Marissa Kennedy

Our School Resource Officers are regularly in training, and a group of resource officers, principals, counselors, social workers and other staff meet regularly to talk about safety and identify potentially dangerous or violent situations.

If you have questions or concerns about safety and security, feel free to contact Superintendent Jill Ackerman at 419-996-3422 or  Mr. Garlock can be reached at 419-996-3245 or

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