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Exterior of Unity Elementary School


925 E. Third Street

Telephone: 419-996-3300 | Fax: 419-996-3301

Student Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. | Early release every Wednesday at 2:45 p.m.

LekòlPwen esansyèl

  • Pre-K jiska Katriyèm Klas Building

  • Mentors Kids Hope travay ak elèv yo

  • K-Kids an patenarya ak Lima Kiwanis Club, ankouraje sèvis kominotè

  • Pwogram Junior Service League “Ogmante yon lektè”.

  • Manje gadmanje disponib pou fanmi yo

  • Anyèl Mini-Relè pou lavi

  • Devlopman pwofesyonèl anplwaye kontinyèl

  • Espò pou jèn ki disponib: baskètbòl, bezbòl, softball, foutbòl, tras ak teren, volebòl ak lit

Direktè lekòl la ​Tricia Winkler

Pprensipal ​Tricia Winkler

Ofisye Resous Lekòl la

Ofisye Resous Lekòl Marissa Kennedy

Marissa Kennedy

Officer Kennedy attended Edison State Community College, where she obtained her OPOTA certification and an Associates of Applied Science in Criminal Justice in 2019. She was sworn in as a Lima Police Officer in November of 2020.  

After months of thorough training, including  criminal investigations, patrol procedures, self-defense, first aid and report writing, Officer Kennedy was given the opportunity to serve and protect the Lima City Schools. She is the SRO at Freedom Elementary and says she is blessed to be a protector of the children of Lima and cannot wait to see what the future holds.

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