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Marketing Education gives students the opportunity to learn fundamentals of marketing a product. Students learn about business law, business communication, customer relations and entrepreneurship. 


Students learn in a hands-on setting via simulations at DECA competitions or during the required internship portion of the class. Students are eligible to receive college credit for various sections at the end of the two-year program.


Students develop skills in advertising/promotion, communication/display, E-Commerce, economics, fundamentals of selling, marketing applications, buying and merchandising, social media marketing, logistics/distribution and public speaking.


Graduates find jobs as advertising agents, entrepreneurs, marketing development directors, marketing specialists, promotion coordinators, sports marketers, fashion promoters, social media coordinators, brand managers, promotion managers and real estate agents.


DECA is a vital part of the marketing program. Students learn skills in vocational understanding, social intelligence, leadership development and civic consciousness.


Students attend conferences and competitions on the club, district, state and international level. Lima Senior consistently has students qualify for the international competition, including having several top 10 finishes and one first-place winner. 

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